I have a faded childhood memory of accompanying my father to a jewellery wholesale market. My best friend’s father was a diamond merchant. I often used to hear his travel stories from my friend. Those stories became an essential aspect of my childhood. My father was in garment business, he did not have any interesting business tales to share with me. But my friend always had a new story relating to his father’s business. Immensely fascinated by gemstone bead wholesalers, I insisted my father to take me to a wholesale gemstone beads market. Initially, he denied but seeing my excitement, he had to nod his head and say ‘yes’. There are some episodes of your life that you cherish for a lifetime. The visit to one of the largest wholesale markets of my city was one such episode for me.

Holding my Dad’s hands, I entered the huge wholesale gemstone beads market and the smile on my face broadened. There were several jewellery outlets in the main market. I remember, trying to count the number but I got stuck at 100 as I forgot the further numbers. Just as my friend had told me, every wholesale outlet had a display of unique and sparkling gemstones. To have a closer glance at the gemstones, I unheld my father’s hand and ran in quest of exploring a fascinating gem world.

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Needless to say, I was mesmerized by the world I saw. Every gemstone was different in shape, size, design, pattern, texture and appearance. I was intrigued to know more about them from some experienced and knowledgeable gemstone bead wholesalers. I looked around, and found a man examining a beautiful blue gemstone under a magnifying glass. Out of curiosity, I ran into him to ask the name of the stone in his hand. He gave me a grave look as if I had asked him something that was really precious to his heart. After a moment, the man told me that it was an Alexandrite, which is popularly known as the June Birthstone. He told me a little secret too about this stone that it has a magical power as it changes its colour from blue to red at night. He further acquainted me with the significance of this June stone. It is often worn to enhance your creative and imaginative skills. I was awestruck by this fact.

Further,  I put forward a several questions about the various gemstones. I was surprised to know that there is a particular gemstone for every month of the year. Like Amethyst is a February Gem Stone, whereas Aquamarine is known as the March Birthstone and there are other gemstones too in the series such as citrine gemstone, emerald, garnet and jade.

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  • Emerald: It is a rare and valuable gemstone. Popularly known as a Venus stone, emerald signifies love, fertility and rebirth. During prehistoric times, emeralds were used in the making of mummies.
  • Citrine: Referred as a gift of the shining sun, the citrine gemstone comes up in fascinating shapes. Wearers of this gemstone achieve success and growth in their career life.
  • Garnet: This January birthstone is available in rainbow colours. It also protects the wearers from bad dreams.

As we grow up, many childhood memories fade away, but this one I haven’t forgotten yet. Today, working as one of the prominent gemstone bead wholesalers, I attempt to bring new designs and patterns in my gemstone jewellery.

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